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News FreeBSD 12.0 is nearing End-of-Life for security updates and Dememe will be upgraded soon. When that happens the site will be unavailable for several hours.
Old news: Dememe now supports HTTPS/SSL connections: https://dememe.info
Contact The memebridge account is blocking direct messages as spam, as an alternative please try dememe@gmx.com or use the (hopefully reliable) screened post on DW.
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RSS feeds of new comments for any search are now available, if your browser doesn't auto-detect them just click the orange RSS icon on the right side of the search bar. Google has removed RSS support from recent Chrome versions, so you'll have to enter them manually. The feeds all have the same username & password as logging in here (nonnie / pony) and most RSS readers should be able to handle them. Please don't set them to refresh more than every 5m or so if you can avoid it, they run a full search every time. If you're putting them into something that can share feeds as public or private, please keep them private to avoid FFA comments randomly getting sucked into aggregators.

Bots policy:
Please don't put the login info for this site into any public web service or bot. If you want a lot of data, just email me and I'll set up a data feed or do a database dump.

Don't bug the FFA mods about this, it's not their problem!
Please direct any bug reports to the threads on Livejournal or private message to memebridge on livejournal or gmx.com. For the time being only moderator comments will have the poster's username to avoid showing anon-fails.
Please direct requests for comment or thread removal to the privacy thread or via private message to memebridge on livejournal or gmx.com with the LJ comment id or thread id in question and a sentence or so telling me what to look for.

I won't abuse any server logs that are generated; keep only aggregate, anonymous data without ip information; delete logs as quickly as feasible; view them only for debugging, securing & administering the server; and generally do everything reasonable to keep any browsing data information private and anonymous.